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Will My Insurance Company Demand I Apply for Disability Benefits Under the Canada Pension Plan?

To deduct the amount earned from CPP-D from the required monthly long-term disability payments.

Most long-term disability insurance plans also require claimants to apply for disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan (“oeCPP-D”). Conditions to Receive LTD Benefits.

To guarantee that they will be eligible for payments, the insured person may need to do the following things in addition to being able to demonstrate that a sickness or accident results in “complete disability”:

• Show proof that they were full-time employees when the disability occurred and pay the monthly premiums, if necessary, to prevent their coverage from expiring. Await the end of the elimination period, which is the period from the moment a disability first manifests until a person starts collecting benefits.
• Show that a condition is not covered by their policy’s exclusions • In certain situations, show that their medical condition was not pre-existing, which indicates that it was not identified or treated in the few months before the start of coverage.

Each long-term disability insurance carrier has different specifications, so this is not an exhaustive list.

How a Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorney Can Be Useful

Our long-term disability attorneys at Long Term Disability Lawyer Toronto have long helped people with catastrophic illnesses or injuries seek compensation.